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Ava Welman - Running for President

Hello everyone! I'm Ava Welman and I am the 2021 NRHyA Secretary. I'm from River Falls, Wisconsin where I live on my family's horse training facility with my parents and 2 sisters. I am currently a sophomore at the River Falls High School where I am involved with Trap shooting and I'm also the Secretary for the River Falls FFA chapter. I am so excited and blessed to be the NRHyA Secretary 2 years now and to be running for the president position for this next year in 2022. I'm so excited and blessed to have to opportunity to run for President. Being on the officer team for NRHyA is something that has always not only been a goal of mine but a dream! Being apart of this association has been so many things but in short words it has been life changing. Running for President I have so many goals and ideas for our youth I would love to be apart of making them happen. I have loved making memories with both the officer team and our members and I hope to continue that in 2022. My biggest goal for the team and myself is to keep getting more youth involved and keep growing and connecting NRHyA worldwide. I am so excited and blessed to be running as your 2022 NRHyA President. I hope you all remember to slide your vote for Ava Welman as your 2022 NRHyA President and to see you all in Oklahoma City.

Haley Turner - Running for President

Hello! My name is Haley Turner. I am eighteen years old and live just outside of Columbus, Ohio on a small farm with my family and our collection of animals. I attend The Ohio State University as a freshman and currently study business. I spend my free time working for the Columbus Blue Jackets, our local NHL team, volunteering at my church youth group and serving as treasurer for my 4H club, secretary for the Southern Ohio Quarter Horse Youth Association, and proudly Vice President of NRHyA. I have been so fortunate to hold many different positions and serve the groups I love. I get to work with our youngest members, tomorrow's leaders, and further my personal growth as both a leader and communicator as well.

My path in the NRHyA began even before my reining career did. I had no choice but to accompany my family each weekend to NRHA events so my older siblings could show. I didn't mind because even though I didn't yet get to show, these weekends were full of adventure and friends. Despite being a quiet and shy little girl, I could always count on the youth meetings to keep me occupied. A couple “walk-trot" reining classes later and it was my turn to enter the youth classes and my NRHyA involvement only grew. I had opportunities to help organize those youth meetings and get more youth involved. We enjoyed selling raffle tickets, helping to announce, handing out awards, and just hanging out together on show weekends! I was elected as an East Central delegate in 2017 and went on to serve as NRHyA Historian and Vice President.

I have had the time of my life being an active member of the NRHyA and I can only encourage others to do the same. I have grown in every way possible! Thinking back to my timid nine year old self, I could never have imagined the opportunities that this association could provide and the positive traits that it could foster. My goal is to share my experiences and encourage others to step outside of the box. As a member of the NRHyA, I truly feel at home. Going into my final year as an NRHA youth, it would be an honor to serve as your NRHyA president. Please TURN in your vote for TURNER!

Adrianna Runzo - Running for Vice President

Hello! My name is Adrianna Runzo, I am 16 years old, and I live in North Canton, Ohio. I am currently attending Lake Highschool as a junior and am involved in many different clubs and activities. At school, I run track and field, participate in the Model United Nations program, am a sixth grade camp counselor, and am a part of a career technical program that prepares students to enter the medical field. Outside of school, I hold leadership positions for the Northern Ohio Quarter Horse Association as well as my IEA team.

Even though I love to be involved in all of these programs, my true love and passion resides in the NRHyA. I have been around horses all of my life and have been an NRHyA member for the past 5 years. More importantly though, I found my passion for leadership within this association when I was elected as an East Central Regional Delegate in 2020. The skills, lessons, and confidence that I gained that year prepared me to be your 2021 NRHyA Treasurer. This past year I've had the opportunity to serve with some of the most driven and passionate young leaders that I know while representing the members of the NRHyA across the nation.

These experiences are my driving reasons behind running to be your 2022 NRHyA Vice President. I have loved growing up in the reining community and would love to be someone who other members can look up to no matter what my future holds. The National Reining Horse Association means family to me and continuing to help foster those relationships and promote this association at its core is my top priority. Thank you.

Aubree Leyva - Running for Secretary

I am from Scottsdale, AZ. We moved from Southern California 6 years ago and that is when my life drastically changed. I went from weekends on the ocean to horses, pigs, and goats in my backyard.

Honestly, ever since I was two years old I had wanted to ride horses but Irvine, Ca didn't offer much opportunity for that dream. Luckily, my dad made good on his promise for horseback riding lessons after our big move. That is when Ashley Wilson-Hammer. She allowed me the opportunity to ride my first love, “Frost”, a beautiful quarter horse. She was such patient girl and thanks to her, I was able to start showing in a few short stirrup classes. I was also getting a lot of ride time with the AZ Sliders.

It wasn't until I got my first horse, “Champ”, that my passion for showing truly blossomed. He was such a fun yet challenging experience. I was able to show him for 2 years in the Youth & Green Classes. We ended up earning Youth Rookie of the Year for AZRHA, 2020. After that I purchased a 7 year old gelding named “Jack" and we have been doing so well this year. This past year I served as an NRHyA historian, my second year as the AZRHYA Youth Vice President, and now I am running for the 2022 NRHYA Secretary. Being this year's Historian has been a great experience. It has taught me about the responsibility that comes with a bigger role like this and it has given me the chance to make long lasting friendships with some amazing people. The NRHYA has given me so many opportunities and now I want to help pass on these same opportunities to more youth.

Madison Wigen - Running for Secretary

My name is Madison Wigen, I am 17 years old and live in the small town of Joseph, Oregon. I am currently a junior at Enterprise High School where I am active in sports, clubs, and multiple organizations. Some of these include the volleyball, basketball, and track teams, FFA, and I am a member of the National Honor Society.

Horses have always been a huge part of my life and I can't think of a time in my life where reining hasn't been something that I have a huge passion for. My first class on a horse was the lead line when I was eleven months old. Since then, I have shown in multiple NRHA classes. The sport of reining has had a huge impact on my life and through it I have learned responsibility, leadership, and how to be humble. At the local and national level, I have been given opportunities that have helped me grow my leadership skills. I started out being a regional officer then when I was thirteen, I served as a regional delegate and then in 2020 I had the amazing opportunity to be the NRHyA Treasurer.

Being the 2020 NRHYA Treasurer was a huge blessing for me and I wouldn't trade the time that I have had on the officer team for anything. I enjoy representing our association and being a role model to the other youth. I truly feel that I have a lot to offer to this organization and I would love to be able to use my leadership experiences and be able to share my ideas and goals for the NRHYA. I hope to be able to become a better leader and continue to grow and improve the NRHyA as your 2022 NRHyA secretary.

Chase McInteer - Running for Treasurer

Hello, I'm Chase and I am 15 years old. I live on a farm outside of Lincoln, Nebraska with my mom, dad, and younger brother Tanner. I am a freshman at Waverly High school. I participate in tennis in the fall and soccer in the spring, additionally, I am in FFA and quiz bowl. When I am not in school, you will probably find me in the barn with my sheep or horses, or outside with my dogs.

I enjoy participating in all these activities, but horses are what I really love. My love for reining started eight years ago when my mom let me get on her horse and spin. Since then, I have always wanted to be more and more involved in reining. Last year, I decided I wanted to get involved in the NRHyA by running for delegate. I really enjoyed serving as a delegate and I decided that I wanted to take it to the next level by running for treasurer. I would like to serve as your treasurer because I have many new fundraiser ideas, I enjoy working with other people, I am good at keeping things organized, and I love to communicate with others who have new ideas.

I hope you will consider voting Chase for Treasurer and look forward to what 2022 could bring, Thanks.

Cooper Leather - Running for Treasurer

Hi! My name is Cooper Leather, and I am 16 years old, I live outside of Wahoo, Nebraska with my mom & stepdad on our acreage. I am a sophomore at Yutan High School, and I am involved with different school activities, clubs and a member of my school golf team as well. I am in my 2nd year of FFA (Future Farmers of America), and I was previously president of my local 4H Chapter.

In addition to my school activities, I am involved with my biggest passion, horses. I have grown up with horses all of my life and started showing when I was eight years old. I am actively involved in helping with my stepdad's horse training facility, where I regularly work on my horsemanship skills. I am also learning and enjoying the skill of farrier work. I spent some of my summer this year interning with NRHA professional Jordan Larson in Ione, California, and learned so much!

This year, in 2021, I have had the great honor of being a NRHyA delegate for the North Central Region. I have greatly enjoyed being involved and meeting so many people. Because of this, I would like to run for the officer position of Treasurer. I believe I would be an excellent Treasurer because of my ability to work and communicate effectively with others, my attention to detail, and my ability to manage my time and responsibilities well. My experiences and skills would enable me to fulfill the role of Treasurer effectively. Thank you for for considering me for this position.

Kendall Wigen - Running for Treasurer

Hi my name is Kendall Wigen, I am 15 years old and live in Joseph Oregon with my parents Travis and Melissa, and my sister Madison. I am a freshman at Enterprise High school where I maintain a 4.0 GPA, and participate in National Honors Society, FFA, basketball, volleyball, track, and softball.

Outside of school activities my true passion is reining. Currently I am showing my horse Imnotrufortroubled (Sterling) in the rookie and youth 14-18 classes. My involvement showing in NRHyA started when I was 5 years old when I first showed in the short stirrups. Since then, I have taken on many leadership roles in the youth. I first started holding officer positions at a local level. These positions included Treasurer, Vice President, and later President. After holding these positions, I decided that I wanted to hold a delegate position for the Northwestern region in the year 2020. Once I had held a delegate position for a year I then reran and became a 2021 delegate. After I have held all of these positions, I realized how much I love being a part of the NRHA youth. Throughout my career as a youth rider NRHyA has become a huge part of my life. It has brought me so many different opportunities, taught me valuable life lessons, and I have made so many good friends that have made an impact on my life.

I would love to be an NRHyA officer and watch the youth community continue to grow and expand as the 2022 NRHyA treasurer.

Raeanna Thayn - Running for Treasurer

Hi, my name is Raeanna Thayn and I am seventeen years old. I live on a small ranch by Tioga, Texas. This is right in the heart of horse country where we raise Quarter Horses and Paint Reining Horses. I'm currently a Senior and attend Abeka Online Academy. I started riding reining horses when I was 6 years old but I have rode horses since I could walk. I grew up around horses and competed in different disciplines including: Reining, Reined Cowhorse, Ranch Riding, Halter, 4-H & ranch work. This has given me insight on how the horse world works and because of this I have met a lot of great people that are now like family because of it! However, reining has always been my favorite. I had the opportunity to represent FEI Team USA Junior Riders in 2019 in Switzerland, where we won the individual gold and team gold! The reining industry and the people involved in it have helped me accomplish experience, knowledge, and success these past 11 years. Through this I was able to achieve goals I had only dreamed of doing. I have had the opportunity to compete in multiple disciples, from Short Stirrup to a few NRHA Non Pro Level 4 Finals & Multiple AQHyA & APHA World Titles. Currently, I am in the 2021 Top 20 NRHA Non Pros and because of that I have an outlook from both sides of the show world, that I feel like helps me have a point of view and lots of new ideas! I was a delegate for the South Central Region in 2020, since then I have wanted to get more involved in this part of the association, and I look forward to being involved in the new Texoma Youth Reiners Club (SWRHA & OKRHA) also this year! I can't wait to watch NRHYA grow more and have another great year! I Hope You Vote for Me As Your 2022 NRHyA Treasurer!

Ava Bush - Running for Historian

My name is Ava Bush, I am 16 years old and I was born in Southern California. I currently live in Spokane, Washington on 70 acres. I love animals and have 2 mastiffs, chickens and horses and dream of having a miniature fluffy cow. I am a junior in high school and attend Saint George's School where I play volleyball and tennis. A couple of years ago, my brother and I started Everlasting Envelopes. Our goal was to engage our community with the elderly who lived in nursing homes. We have delivered hundreds of envelopes with letters and words of inspiration to nursing homes.

I fell in love with horses when my parents took me to the local fair and I rode the ponies. For my 5th birthday, my parents got me a lesson and I fell in love with the sport. I started in western pleasure and transitioned to reining when I was 6. I am very excited for the next show season where I will be showing my derby horse and getting ready for the 2022 Futurity. I love the sport of reining and the support of NRHyA. As an active member, I have attended many youth meetings and in 2021 I was the NRHyA delegate for the mountain region. Getting other youth engaged has been a highlight of the past year and I would love to continue to grow and lead within NRHyA. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by people who love the sport and amazing horses.

Cassandra Hacking - Running for Historian

Hi my name is Cassandra Hacking. I am from Cedar city, Utah. My family moved to Cedar city from Los Angeles about six years ago. The greatest part of the move for me was being able to take up horses on a more serious level.

I have been showing in reining now since 2016. I am very excited to compete in both the youth and rookie competitions on my horse, Alvin Mcdreamy at the NAAC finals this year.

I have decided to run for historian because I believe I can make a big difference. Over the years I have built a very fun online presence with my horses.

I want to share this with other youth. I want to do more than just share your pictures. I want to bring your videos and experiences to life.

As historian my goal is to increase the NRHYA's social media presence while highlighting our amazing youth members.

In addition to capturing amazing photos I would like to make a goal of creating no less than 100 unique and fun videos highlighting our youth members and their horses.

I am grateful for the opportunity to run and hope that I can serve you.

Emma Klug - Running for Historian

Hi, my name is Emma Klug. I am fifteen years old and live in Columbus, Nebraska. I go to Scotus Central Catholic High School, where I run cross country and track and field. My riding experience started when I was a little girl, I started reining when I was 10 years old. I'm involved in 4-H, where I am the secretary for my 4-H club. I do reining, English, western pleasure, and ranch riding in 4-H. I also show cattle in market beef and showmanship. I want to run for historian because I am an outgoing person who doesn't get flustered easily. I love meeting new people, having fun, and I'm a good listener. I love horses, and put a lot of time into them. When I was delegate I loved being involved, and want to be historian to share my love for NRHyA to others. I would appreciate your vote, and thank you for your time.

Faith Horner - Running for Historian

Hello! My name is Faith Horner and I live in Dallas, Texas. I am a sophomore at Highland Park High School where I am on the varsity softball team and participate in YoungLife. I have been a Girl Scout since elementary school and have achieved both the Bronze Award and Silver Award in support of the SPCA of Texas and am currently working toward my Gold Award in support of Children's Hospital of Dallas. My project is called “Handmade Hugs" and I am leading a service project to make 100 no-sew blankets to be delivered to kids in the hospital. The total project is over 100 hours of community service involving fund raising, project planning, leadership, sustainability, and global reach. This project means a lot to me because I was in a bad car accident in January of 2021 and it is because of the great doctors, nurses, physical and occupational therapists at Children's Hospital that I fully recovered.

Although I participate in many activities, my passion is riding and showing horses. I have been riding since I could walk and have been competing in reining since the age of 9 when I got a horse of my own. I love competing at NRHA events all across the country and I first became involved in an NRHyA leadership role in 2021 as a delegate for the South Central Region. I enjoyed meeting new friends and learning the roles and responsibilities of being an NRHyA officer while serving as a delegate. I am running for the office of Historian for 2022 as I would like to combine my passion for NRHyA with my social media skills. I enjoy editing videos and capturing NRHyA members competing, leading, fundraising, serving the community and having fun! If elected, I look forward to serving as Historian and I am excited to work with the NRHyA officers and delegates to build leadership skills, set goals and support our youth members.

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